10 Insanely Difficult PS4 Trophies That Weren't Worth The Effort

Wait, what... is that it?!

Bloodborne chalice dungeons

Trophy hunting for some is more than just a pastime. It's a way of life, a raison d'etre to play games, to tick that virtual counter over for some bragging rights to back up your claims.

And for others, they're just thing that pop up and get in the way of the screen, take it or leave it. We don't judge.

What makes trophy hunting a fun sport, if you will, is the reward that's usually associated to it. As well as being a sign of accomplishment of beating a game on a higher difficulty, some games reward the player with new items or abilities for their troubles.

But what about the toughies, the ones that put you through your paces and reward you with... well, with bugger all. The ending that rewards you by turning you into a squid baby before auto-saving you at a new game, for example.

Or the arduous process of going through an epic space adventure without dying once? It wasn't fun, nor is it rewarding. Perhaps completing in-game challenges is your thing... but again, if the reward is just a trophy, why bother?

So instead, sit back as I rifle through ten of the hardest trophies that have such little pay off, so you don't have to attempt them.

You're welcome.

10. GTA V - Close Shave

Bloodborne chalice dungeons

It has been said that flying in Grand Theft Auto games is an unwieldy and laborious process.

Oh, I'm not going to argue that. It totally is.

So by making us have to endure fifteen knife flights (that's turning your plane vertically to fit through a narrow gap) and fly under fifty bridges, you'd best be in for a whopper of a reward, surely?

Nope, a bronze trophy.

A pissing bronze trophy. Sixty five arduous, finicky flight challenges for the lowest denomination of trophy.

Oh sure, your flying skills will inevitably go up, but that makes the barest of differences when it comes to actually piloting the various aircraft of Los Santos.

What makes it worse is there's no real indicator as to what buildings/bridges you've completed. So trying to keep track of what you've done, lest you repeat any, just adds to the slog.

Admittedly, GTA V isn't one for giving out trophies for the most basic of tasks, but come on. This level of effort should reward something better than this.

Like an in-game jetpack, maybe? That'd be pretty sweet, wouldn't it?


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