10 Insanely Difficult PS4 Trophies That Weren't Worth The Effort

9. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Foxiest Of The Hounds

Bloodborne chalice dungeons

Complaining about stealth in a Deus Ex game is like saying there's too much water in Waverace.

This isn't what I'm getting at, it's more a derision of how much effort you put in to maintaining that elusive nature and not really getting much by way of reward.

This was easier to achieve in previous entry, Human Revolution, but Mankind Divided has a trick up its sleeve. About halfway through the game, there's a VR-like section, the Neural SubNet, that can affect the "Foxiest of the Hounds" trophy.

If you're not expecting, it can catch you out.

Yet if you are expecting it, and go on to remain the elusive Adam Jensen throughout, you'll get a whole gold trophy.

And that's it.

You think you'd get some New Game Plus type of benefit, like a longer stealth duration (or less battery usage), but nope.

Your reward for not being spotted is to... carry on like you were never there anyway, like nothing has changed.

Maybe Jensen should have asked for this?


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