10 INSANELY Early Predictions For E3 2020

E3 may be just wrapping up, but it's never too early to predict what we might see next time.


Every year in mid-June, the eyes of the gaming community are drawn to Los Angeles. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) hosts the world of gaming and stages the biggest announcements of the year. The majority of gamers rarely actually travel to L.A, but nonetheless we follow every conference and announcement with excitement.

Like every year, 2019 showcased a plethora of pleasant surprises and devastating disappointments. You know, the usual ups and downs. This year however, it felt a little shallow because just a handful big games were confirmed for, well, this year.

We got information on the Xbox Scarlett, but with Sony's absence, nothing on the PlayStation 5. A cutscene debuted a Breath of the Wild sequel, and there's still no damn clue what the hell Death Stranding actually is.

While the lights start to fade and the stalls are being deconstructed, many a gamer leaves L.A with anticipation - mostly to lay hands on what they just saw.

But let's stop dwelling on the past week and look into the future.

Exactly one year from now, to be precise.


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