10 Insanely Good Free Switch Games

Free games are more than just Peggle and Minesweeper these days.

Pokemon Quest

It's strange to think that the Nintendo Switch came out over 3 years ago. I remember many people being dissuaded from buying the console for a few reasons, though the main one was definitely the games library. Yes, the Switch has been somewhat of a sleeper console. It had its typical console-release sales with thousands of people buying it for Breath of the Wild alone, but the console didn't really pick up until it had a more expansive library.

With the Switch Lite now out as well as the Switch Pro, as well as the hundreds of games which have been released for it in the last few years, more people now than ever are playing the Switch. But an issue yet remains, as that golden games library may seem appealing but most of the high-profile games will set you back £50 a pop. So, to save you some money and still ensure that you obtain maximum enjoyment from your console, we've broken down those games you can easily pick up on the Nintendo store for free and start playing today. Out of a jungle of potential mediocrity, here are the best of the best. Whether you're revisiting an old franchise or discovering a new one, strap yourself in as we dive into the magical world of Nintendo.

10. The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Pokemon Quest

We all love the Elder Scrolls games. Well, maybe not all of us, but even in this day and age you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like them or, rarer yet, hasn’t played one. We thought it peaked with Oblivion, but then Skyrim released in 2011 and the gaming community went wild. Yes, 2011 Bethesda, almost a decade - where’s Elder Scrolls VI?

While we’re all growing more and more impatient waiting for another high-fantasy Bethesda release for our favourite award-winning game series, we are left with only a few options. We could always play Elder Scrolls Online; it’s constantly gaining new material and seems to be all that Bethesda is focusing on right now. Some people aren’t into MMOs however, and even for those who are there are arguably much superior MMOs out there.

Another option is The Elder Scrolls: Blades, which has you playing as a survivor from the legendary Blades, a group of skilled bodyguards once ordered to protect royalty, who are now in exile. Seeking revenge on those who destroyed your hometown, you’ll discover the secrets of a hidden crypt and the true motivations of the Bloodfall Queen.

This game is perfect for the players who just want to grind, slaughtering your way through dungeons to acquire enough loot to keep rebuilding the ruins that were once your home.


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