10 Insanely Good Free Switch Games

9. Super Kirby Clash

Pokemon Quest

Who doesn’t love the bubbly pink bundle of joy, Kirby? For a long time, even longer than we’ve been waiting for Elder Scrolls VI, this little alien has been in our hearts and immortalised through multiple games as one of Nintendo’s star platformers. Making his first appearance in 1992, the Kirby series comes only second to the Mario franchise in creative, cute and incredibly fun platform games.

With some new features along with a fighting style incredibly reminiscent of Super Smash Bros., this free-to-start Kirby game ticks all the boxes. Build your own team or invite your friends as you fight your way through over 100 quests, merging the abilities of different characters to achieve your goals.

Keep in mind however that this game is free-to-start, meaning you can play and get a great deal of enjoyment from it for nothing, but there are options to pay for Gem Apples (the in-game currency) with real money to buy new weapons, armour, and unlock new levels. Like all good free-to-start games however, there are ways to get these Gem Apples for free for those with enough patience and willingness to grind for extra content.


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