10 Intense Video Game Achievements Worth NOTHING

TEN TIMES Prestige in Call of Duty? Not worth it.


There's nothing like that sweet chime of a video game achievement or trophy popping is there? That warm sensation you feel upon unlocking a signifier that hours upon hours of blood, sweat, and tears were not, as your parents might suggest, wasted, is truly satisfying.

They act as a carving on the monolith that is our gaming history, providing evidence to all that you did something, (I know that sounds vague but come on achievements are given out for the strangest of things) that you can waft in your friend's faces or use as bragging rights in your online circles.

However, on the inverse is there anything worse than being rewarded an achievement that's worth absolutely nothing? Seeing a 0g pop up is almost alarming as you may end up thinking you've done something wrong, or that there's an underlying joke going on at your expense, and you know what?

You're probably right. 0g Achievements are basically the developers bantering you off, either by using them as a mark of shame, a point of ridicule, or even worse, to prove a point in just how far they've pushed you for literally nothing.


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