10 Intimidating Video Game Bosses That Can Be Killed In One Hit

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Dark Souls 4
Bandai Namco

Acting as the ultimate challenge, having to use all the skills you've been taught in order to beat a boss (that probably required a change of underpants when you first laid eyes on it), results in a sense of reward only video games can provide.

Even if it's not challenging, being pitted against a hugely intimidating foe can lead to epic cinematic set-pieces that still provide those punch-the-air moments that define a great boss fight.

However, while beating these formidable foes at their own game can award you with a deep sense of victory (and the bragging rights), it feels even better when you figure out an alternative way to complete these encounters that doesn't require as much effort or skill.

Consequently, as the years have worn on players have managed to figure out both official and unofficial ways to one-shot even the most intimidating bosses, and while it might not be honourable, resorting to these tactics is the justice you deserve for all the times you came close to getting in the finishing blow, only to be insta-killed at the last second.

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