10 Intimidating Video Game Bosses That Can Be Killed In One Hit

10. The End - Metal Gear Solid 3

In classic Kojima fashion, there are multiple ways to tackle the bosses in Metal Gear Solid 3, but the old-timer sniper The End takes the cake when it comes to the inventive options players are given to kill him.

Because while you can take the regular route and have a sniping battle with the old geezer, you can also go into the settings of whatever console you're playing on, move the clock forward a week, reload the save and watch as he dies of old age. You'll want to as well, as the actual battle with him can be pretty darn hard on your first run through.

However, there's another way you can one-hit kill him way before you ever have to worry about facing off against him in a boss fight. Early on in the title you'll stumble across a cutscene that shows most of the main bosses talking, while The End sits idle in a wheelchair. If you're quick enough, when this cutscene ends you can bring up your sniper and squeeze a headshot in, beating him hours before you usually would.

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