10 Most Jaw-Dropping Moments From The Major E3 Press Conferences

The moments that made you pick your jaw up off the floor.

Everyone loves having their jaw dropped by a cool announcement at E3, and 2014 had quite a few of them. From the reveal of Grand Theft Auto V on the PS4, to Microsoft announcing the Halo Master Chief Connection, to Aisha Tyler sublimely easing the crowd out of their collective sorrow following the trailer for Valiant Hearts, this year€™s E3 had so many stunning and jaw-dropping moments that selecting the 10 best is difficult, but absolutely worth doing. But first, the difference between a shocking moment a jaw-dropping one. While similar, a moment that shocks you is fleeting. It surprises you, you ponder it for a second, then move on. A moment that drops you jaw however, lingers. It festers. It confuses. You sit there, unsure what you just saw, or why, and find yourself pondering it as the minutes turn to hours and hours turn to days. If the sign of a great film is that you're thinking about it days later and you're not sure why, the same goes for jaw-dropping moments. While many moments can be shocking and jaw-dropping, this list is comprised of the moments from E3 that were impressive enough to warrant a pause. The jaw dropping moment is more nutritious than the 'shocking' moment.
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