10 Least Imaginative Pokémon From Generation I

"Are they even trying anymore?"


Behold, the Genwunner - the special brand of Pokémon fan who only played the Generation I games and vehemently lambasts any Pokémon from any generation that succeeded it. Observe how superior they believe themselves to be as they condemn Klefki and the Vanillite line. "A key ring? An ice cream cone?!" they grumble with disgust to anyone who will listen. "Whatever happened to great Pokémon like Charizard and Pikachu?"

How soon we forget...

Look, most Pokémon fans understand that Generation I gave us some of the best and most nostalgic character designs in the franchise, such as Gengar, Jolteon, and Arcanine. But what about some of those other Pokémon; the ones that so few of us cite as we don our nostalgia goggles? You know, like Magnemite, the magnet Pokémon? Or perhaps we'll mention Mr. Mime, the terrifying clown man masquerading as a Pokémon? Or what about Jynx, the once-racist humanoid... opera singer? Thing?

Alright, nobody really knows what Jynx is.

Point is, for all the awesome Pokémon that we remember from our childhoods, there were plenty of lame or underwhelming ones as well. So, let's stick it to that haughty Genwunner from paragraph one and look at a few...


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