10 Least Imaginative Pokémon From Generation I

9. Farfetch'd

Pokemon Original 151

Fun fact - did you know that Farfetch'd is based on a Japanese saying, which translates to "a duck comes bearing green onions" and refers to something unexpected yet convenient? Yeah. Take that to the water cooler tomorrow.

Anyway, Farfetch'd is unimaginative not because it's based on an idiomatic expression that is completely foreign to the western world, but because it's not much more than a cartoon duck holding a leek. The only thing that separates it from an actual duck is its "angry eyebrows," but even that does little to differentiate it from any old duck.

By now, it's become evident that this list is composed of two different subsets of Pokémon - those that are just normal objects with eyes on them, and those that look more like regular animals than they do "Pocket Monsters". Consider Farfetch'd among the latter of those two.


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