10 LEGO Video Games That Need To Happen

From Time Lords to robots in disguise, which popular franchises deserve the LEGO game treatment?

For The Lego Group, everything truly is awesome. The company's immensely popular toy line has been a staple of many a childhood for decades, with no sign of that simple truth changing any time soon. From theme parks to movies to video games, Lego has managed to successfully branch out into our culture over the years. In the case of the latter, game developer TT Games has found a formula in taking licensed properties, throwing them into a Lego blender and crafting end products that have proven to be critically and commercially beloved. Their unique spin on well-known franchises has taken players to a galaxy far, far away, Middle-Earth and even to the Caribbean. They've allowed everyone to visit the worlds of boy wizards, Marvel and DC superheroes and intrepid archaeologists all with a sense of tongue-in-cheek humour and family-friendly fun. Later this year, fans will even get the chance to relive the events of the Jurassic Park saga and the two Avengers films in a pair of brand-new games. With so much potential for future licensed games, fans of TT Games' efforts have only continued to theorise on what could come next. From classic film and television franchises to admired toys and comics, the possibilities are endless for the developer. Though it'd be undeniably fun to visit a brick-built version of Westeros or to dive into The Matrix, past games have entirely been made up of properties that parents could feasibly watch with their young kids. As such, the following look at 10 popular franchises that deserve the Lego game treatment will be keeping reality relatively in check...

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