10 LEGO Video Games That Need To Happen

10. Men In Black

Kicking this list off is admittedly the darkest horse in this race, but one that would be quite cool to see win nonetheless. The series that started off in comics, was adapted into the 1997 film and spawned toy lines, an animated series, video games and, obviously, two more sequels proved quite popular in its heyday. Setting aside for a moment the ongoing debate over the merits of the sequels, the potential for the Men in Black universe beyond the adventures of Agents J and K is still ripe. Eventually, the film series will get A sequel, prequel or reboot to take advantage of that fact and capitalise on the nostalgia fans still have. Unlike the everlasting, perpetual appeal of a series like Star Wars or Harry Potter that allows them to thrive even without a new movie in the works, the Men in Black franchise is one that relies on the arrival of a new instalment for attention. As such, no one would expect TT Games to take a risk on the game right now. When it does inevitably resurface however, being able to experience the Lego take on the original trilogy and new film - or even a story the developer can conjure up itself - to help fight the scum of the universe would be enjoyable.
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