10 Lessons The Gaming Industry Must Learn From #GamerGate

The ride never ends on the #GamerGate front. But can the industry learn from this?

The #GamerGate saga continues and is marching strong. Both the #GamerGate and #Notyourshield hashtags have surged in popularity in the last few days as gamers from all backgrounds, genders, and races have gathered on social media to call out the haphazard journalism within the videogames industry. Some are tired of being misrepresented, while others are concerned about the overall quality of articles from mainstream gaming websites. Signs of progress are slowly starting to shine, further fuelling the movement and showing that some are genuinely willing to listen to the voice of the gamer. From the very beginning, it was obvious that #GamerGate was something that would not easily be brushed away. Some people thought the release of Destiny would do a good job at moving everyone along; others thought the movement would dissipate on its own. However, discussion is still rampant on mainstream social media (especially Twitter) €“ with videos, infographics, and screencaps being distributed on a regular basis. This truly is a war of information. But what should the industry itself take from the cries of #GamerGate? After all is said and done, and in light of new events what should everyone learn from all this? Here are some pointers.

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