10 Lies About Famous Video Games You Probably Believe

No, Bigfoot was NEVER in San Andreas.

GTA san andreas bigfoot

The very nature of video games as an interactive medium makes them incredibly ripe for hearsay and speculation, much of which is difficult to categorically prove wrong.

And the Internet allows these apocryphal, dubious claims to spread like wildfire, taking on a life of their own despite the fact that, more often than not, they're flat-out lies fabricated out of nowhere.

In fairness, not all of this misinformation is entirely malicious or mischievous: there are those fans who have perpetuated lies under the belief they were truthful, and there are also playful fan theories which have simply run wildly out of control.

But the common feature between these non-truths and otherwise incorrect claims is that each was enthusiastically believed by a huge portion of gamers, who in turn continue to unknowingly perpetuate the lie today.

Yet by digging into the meat of the matter, we can see that these long-held claims are all nothing more than widespread bunk, and regardless of intent, are not remotely founded in fact...

10. Mercy Created Reaper - Overwatch

GTA san andreas bigfoot

The so-called "Mandela Effect" sure is wild, huh?

It's a phenomenon whereby large groups of people all collectively mis-remember a fact, and even upon learning the truth, typically express skepticism that they've really been wrong all this time.

The Mandela Effect isn't terribly common in video games, though a major case of it occurred following the release of hit FPS Overwatch.

Many fans still insist to this day that, while in the game's waiting area, the character Mercy will speak a line of dialogue which implies she was the creator of Reaper ("This isn't what I intended for you, Reyes.")

For years, fans have taken to social media to proclaim that they remember hearing the line in-game, which would suggest that Mercy isn't quite the hero everyone believes her to be.

Blizzard's official response is that the line never existed in the game, though that hasn't stopped fans committing to conspiracy theories about the developer quietly removing the line and attempting to cover up their mistake with a blanket refusal.


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