10 Lies That Stopped You Playing Awesome Video Games

Too hard, too soft, too similar or too broken, silly lies that stopped us playing great games.

Mass Effect Andromeda Worst Game Ever

Assumptions, stereotypes and unintentional judgement are everywhere, no matter how you want to spin it, and this is just as true in the video games industry as anywhere else.

Sure, we have our classic outsider misconceptions such as, video games turn kids into murderers and video games cause you to grow brain fungus but in this list we'll be focusing on specific games. A great game you looked past because of something you heard a friend, who had never played it, say. A franchise you associated with a certain kind of player or which you completely misunderstood. Maybe the title was full of bugs at launch but managed to clean itself up later on.

A wise man once said, an assumption is to make an ass of both you and mption. Well, something like that. Ultimately, though, blindly assuming can cause us to miss out on some great video games. Be it the creative sandbox of Minecraft, the unique World of Warcraft or the progressed No Man’s Sky, this list will look into ten lies that stopped us from playing awesome video games.

10. Minecraft Is For Children

Mass Effect Andromeda Worst Game Ever

We’ll start off with what is likely the biggest misconception in video games: that Minecraft is for kids. Though, these days that title is up for competition with the likes of Fortnite as the new hip thing. Minecraft released to the public around 2009 and became huge as it made its way into the next decade, hitting consoles and later being sold to Microsoft. When looking at Minecraft's lifespan in length, though, it’s actually quite difficult to pinpoint how and why exactly Minecraft was seen as for kids.

Perhaps it was the thousands of YouTubers pandering to a younger audience with Let’s Play Minecraft, Part 472. It may also have been the fact the game was marketed as being limited by only your own imagination and of course, your journey to adulthood is only complete when you're devoid of all imagination.

The game is colourful, creative, a true sandbox in every sense of the word and weirdly enough, hasn’t slowed down since release. Now being produced by Microsoft, Minecraft’s popularity and content doesn’t show any signs of stopping. In fact, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t played the game in the last decade and I feel that more than debunks the assumption that Minecraft is only for children.

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