10 Lies That Stopped You Playing Awesome Video Games

9. Dark Souls (Bloodborne/Sekiro) Is Too Hard

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Dark Souls, as well as Bloodborne and Sekiro, are interesting games to look at, particularly in regard to their demographic. The most elite, hardcore, underground monsters of video gaming, all found under one banner of FromSoftware… or so they’d have you believe. In reality, if we’re grouping all of these titles together, most will find that they’ve become increasingly less challenging per release.

For example, most claimed that Dark Souls 3 felt much easier than previous iterations and that Bloodborne was a more casual-friendly release from From. This is likely because Bloodborne featured mechanics which allowed aggression to be rewarded, giving health back to the player if they fought while damaged. Beyond this, many claimed Sekiro was a return to difficulty, now adding a posture meter which allowed for an extra degree of skill.

Let’s break it down further, though. The original Dark Souls showcased mechanics gamers had rarely experienced before, true difficulty against huge bosses, varied patterns and minimal checkpoints. Whether the difficulty reduced with each release or not is irrelevant because most players of From’s games will agree that, given time, they can all be mastered by anyone. I assure you, time and patience are all you need to beat a Souls game, not to be the chosen one sent from above.

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