10 Lies That Stopped You Playing Awesome Video Games

7. Half-Life 2’s Story Is Incomplete

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There are some patient gamers out there that didn’t or still haven’t experienced the perfection of Half-Life 2 because of the cliffhanger in the second episode. The issue I have with this misconception isn’t whether it’s wrong or right, it’s that, if such a thing stopped you playing, you’re completely missing the point of Half-Life.

The Half-Life franchise, ignoring the original expansions, has (so far) been about a specific, set period of time in which Gordon Freeman makes history. The very essence and driving force of these games is that the G-Man watches over Freeman, as a potential and then hired contract. The G-Man puts Gordon in and out of a timeless vacuum, setting him off on the world whenever he needs the tides changed on a certain side. Then, it just ends.

Half-Life 1, you kill the Nihilanth and get put under by the G-Man, end. Half-Life 2, you destroy the citadel, it explodes with you next to it,, end. Episode 1, you escape the city amid another explosion, end. Episode 2, the White Mountain Base gets invaded and the episode just ends. To think you can’t play Half-Life 2 because its most recent episode ends on a cliffhanger is wrong on so many levels.

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