10 Lies That Stopped You Playing Awesome Video Games

6. Uncharted Is A Tomb Raider Clone

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As with the previous entry, I hope that, to this day, no one still thinks that Nathan Drake is just the male version of Lara Croft. Really, after all these years of Naughty Dog proving what Uncharted can do, they deserve better. Back in 2007, looking at the previews, demos and other reporting on the game, I could completely see the comparison. However, as the series progressed, Uncharted proved to be so much more than Tomb Raider, being far more of a narrative, character-driven experience.

Remember, this is over ten years ago, so there’s no Tomb Raider reboot. Then, once Uncharted 2 released, winning who knows how many game of the year awards, I feel the distinction had been made that this was no mere clone. It offered not just a rich narrative, but a cinematic experience, particularly in scenes like the opening museum heist, double-crosses and that glorious train sequence.

This is all without even mentioning Uncharted 4, a beautiful finale that I rarely ever see criticised. It took The Last Of Us' tech and really showed what it could do in a more action-packed, explosive setting. Sure, Tomb Raider is plenty action-packed, but Nathan Drake has more than proved his mettle against Lara Croft.

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