10 Lost Cities The Uncharted Film Could Explore

9. Quivira

Nathan Drake Paititi
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Much like the last entry on this list, the treasure-hunting adventure genre doesn't usually conjure up images of the American Southwest, but that's what you'd get with Quivira.

As a matter of fact, Quivira is but one of seven lost cities of gold, a myth dating back to the time of the Spanish conquistadors. They would find themselves bitterly disappointed when the towns they happened upon -- which they believed to be the seven cities -- were nothing more than humble American Indian villages, full of adobe structures in New Mexico and straw-thatched roofs in Kansas.

So clearly these cities don't exist. That's the end of the road, right? Wrong. There's no hard archaeological evidence for any of the cities explored in the games, but they found creative ways to rewrite history. This comes with the territory of putting a lost city to screen, and they'd surely do the same with Quivira.

If we're indeed going to see a young Drake, he may very well stay relatively local (meaning in the U.S.), so why not have him traversing the depths of the Grand Canyon, New Mexico's Rocky Mountains, or the Puebloan cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde, Colorado?

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