10 Lost Gaming Characters HIDDEN In Video Games

The Witcher 2's epilogue is tucked away inside Wild Hunt.

CD Projekt RED

As is usually the case, we tend to see what happens to our heroes and/or their friends along the way. There's normally a nice little conclusion, perhaps some sequel bait, or better yet, sequels that give us actual closure.

However, not everyone can be that lucky.

Some characters, beloved, supporting or otherwise, don't make the cut into the continuation. Be it for budget or pacing reasons, or maybe some real world conflict like pay disputes stopping actors reprising them, puts the fate of those left behind ambiguous.

All is not lost though, as we have seen the occasional reference, tribute or Easter egg pop up along the way. It could just be a weapon left behind, a line of dialogue burying the hatchet, or even a decade-old feud reignited one last time.

Weirdly, it could be some indirect jabbing that turns accidentally prophetic, or worse still, a grizzly fate for someone who only had good intentions.

Whatever the reason, let's pay tribute to those that have fallen by the wayside.


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