10 Lost Video Game Characters You Didn't Realise Came Back

Raziel, you are worthy (and in a DLC).

Crystal Dynamics

If you’re anything like me, you tend to live in the past a lot. After all, all the cool stuff I remember happened then - unlike the future, which has done nothing for me thus far.

But, living this way when it comes to videogames means that I have to accept a cruel punishment - that some of the characters I’ve come to adore are trapped there, to exist only in my memories forever, and their respective stories will remain eternally unfinished.

Yet, occasionally, beloved videogame heroes we’ve craved returning will reappear in more unorthodox ways - sometimes as fleeting cameos or unlockable bonuses, or even as hidden snippets of lore hidden in a publisher’s other games - and the majority of us never even noticed.

Sure, bringing a character back in this manner after being absent for so long can feel like Cadburys announcing they’re going to re-release Spira bars... but exclusively as a Glade plug-in scent. It completely misses the mark and totally wastes an opportunity, but sometimes, it’s just a nice surprise to finally see a friendly face again after all those years, unorthodox or otherwise.

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