10 Major Controversies That Killed Great Video Games

6. Leaks Ruin The Game's Story - The Last Of Us Part 2

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The Last of Us was one of the games of the generation when it was released in 2013, with its themes, visuals and storytelling helping to reshape what made a successful video game going forward. Its legendary legacy helped make its sequel, The Last of Us Part II, one of the most anticipated games ever released and, for the most part, it's managed to live up to that hype with improved mechanics, complex themes and some seriously gripping performances.

However, for some hardcore fans off the franchise, things were ruined before they even had a chance to play the game thanks to a series of controversial leaks surrounding the game's storyline.

Not only did these leaks spoil some of the biggest and most tragic elements of the game's storyline for plenty of players yet to even make it through a single loading screen, but the negative criticism it drew from the fans that did stumble across them put the game on the back foot before its release. What's more, some of the leaked developments which garnered the most ire seemed to be confirmed in a lot of the game's trailers, which only threw more fuel on the fire for those affected.

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