10 Major Video Game Mistakes Of The 2010s The Next Gen Must Learn From

Can we please all just agree that not every game needs to be Destiny or Fortnite? Pretty please?

The Division 2

In many ways it has never been a better time to be an avid video game player.

As a player you have a staggering amount of choice when it comes to what genre of game you want to play, forty years of history you can jump into and you're currently witnessing the beginning of a new generation of gaming, one that seems to be pushing the limits with technologies such as ray tracing and VR.

But while the 2010s have had some fantastic developments for the industry, there are some practices used by developers that players really hope don't join them into the next decade. The 2010s really have highlighted the potential threat of corporate meddling with video games, with franchises such as Mass Effect and Fallout becoming shells of their former selves, with countless others being embroiled in all sorts of controversy too.

As we move into the next decade of gaming, we can only hope that many of these dodgy and annoying practices will be left in the past. After all, audiences have voiced annoyances and frustrations, so there's really no excuse for all of these tactics to be employed.

10. Adding Crafting To Everything

The Division 2

Look, we can all agree that Minecraft is a fantastic game that changed the game industry forever. That does not mean every game requires some element of crating.

It seems after the insane success of Minecraft that every developer is eager to cram crafting into their games. While in some scenarios this does make sense, ala Far Cry or Rust, there are some games that will have you confused as to why you have to collect parts to craft something.

Take for example The Witcher 3. While you can craft items and potions to fight monsters, is there really much point? You can get by without crafting potions most the time and the Witcher armour sets will always be better than what you craft.

Just because your game setting can suit a crafting system, doesn't mean it should be implemented. And if you do decide to add it to a game, try not to make it too obtrusive to the actual gameplay. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is arguably the best in the franchise, but everyone can probably agree some of the crafting requirements in the early game are nothing sort of frustrating.

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