10 MASSIVE Missed Opportunities In Video Game Stories

Is there anything worse than a ton of build up and no payoff?


We all know that one of the reasons we love video games so much is for the incredible stories they tell. Be it about a boy from an island teaming up with Disney's finest in Kingdom Hearts, or a Prince with control over time itself in the Sands of Time trilogy, there's no end to the creativity and sometimes utter insanity that video game stories can bring.

However, even the best stories can sometimes miss key opportunities to bring us that emotional impact.

Whether it’s large amounts of source material to cover, or just not enough time to dot that last “i”, oftentimes the players can find some great story opportunities that the creators have missed.

The mark of good storytelling is that it always leaves the reader (or in this case the player) wanting more. Instead, it's important for games to leave players feeling like they could expand upon what is already incredible, and not leave them feeling like something obvious was missing all along.

With that in mind, various stories needed just that little bit more, to be a whole lot better.

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