10 MASSIVE Video Game Leaks For 2020 You Need To Know

All the 2020 leaks that are fit to print, from hardware launches to the next Smash Bros. character.


The video game leaking industry is a wide-reaching one, with potential drops of information coming from all kinds of sources. They can come from social media, podcasts, even entire websites devoted to the leaking game. Nothing is off-limits and nowhere is safe.

So it's fair to say that 2020 is no stranger to leaks. A new Batman game from Warner Bros? Yep. Wild, rampant speculation that Dante is coming to Smash? You bet. The PlayStation 5 is how much? Of course.

2020 isn't even a month old yet, but that's not stopping the leaks, nor the people who provide them.

It goes without saying that in the closing year of an entire generation - one of the longest, no less, having started back in 2013 - there'll be a lot to talk about.

So get settled in, strap your hype cap on and come along as we explore 2020's most exciting video game leaks.

Sound off down in the comments which you're the most excited for - or those that seem TOO out there to come true.

10. Sony Are Developing A New Horror IP


According to multiple sources, Sony is developing a brand-new horror IP, set to launch on PlayStation 5. It's not surprising that Sony would want some new, fresh franchises to grace the launch of their next system. However, when paired up with the words of Death Stranding mastermind Hideo Kojima, this leak becomes a lot more interesting.

After Death Stranding launched, Kojima mentioned that he would love to work on a horror game next. If persistent rumours are to be believed, then it's possible that this new horror IP could be the next title from Koma Productions. It seems that some of the elements that Kojima had planned for that series found its way into Death Stranding, but even so, there's a lot of potential here for something truly unique and special.

Whether this new horror IP is something completely unique or the next Kojima game in disguise, it's highly likely that Sony is planning to show off some exciting new projects when the PS5 is revealed.

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