10 Massive Xbox One Secrets We All Missed

Who knew that Alexa and Cortana have such chemistry?

Xbox One Cortana Alexa

It's been almost seven years since the release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In those years they've gone through some huge changes. Most notably, Microsoft's U-turn on their E3 announcements, from claiming each disc would be tied to its original Xbox to pushing a monster effort in making backwards compatibility the standard for the product.

Across this time, we've also seen plenty of variations of these consoles, such as the PS4 Slim and Pro, as well as the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Alongside these consoles came more system updates, software and new areas to trawl through. With those come secrets. Sure, the Xbox One's Cortana can't file your tax return for you, but there are still some nifty little tips and tricks that everyone seems to miss in their rush to play games.

We've gone over similar secrets for the PlayStation 4 but this time it's all about the Xbox One. We'll be covering ease of access, better playability, extra features or tiny little tricks that even the most avid fans may not have noticed.

10. HDMI In

Xbox One Cortana Alexa

To this day I ponder why the Xbox One features a HDMI in. It’s as if Microsoft wanted the One to be your all-stop shop for everything media and entertainment related.

HDMI in means that the console acts like your television, receiving and projecting input from other devices. In an ideal situation, this could be your cable box of choice, a Roku or anything that uses HDMI. It’s simple enough, especially with television or film based appliances that won’t be hindered too much by input lag. You boot up the TV app and control the additional device from there.

Where it gets really funky is that you can actually plug in another console. Seriously, if you want to connect your PlayStation 3 or 4, or even your old Xbox 360, you can (though the latter makes no sense considering Microsoft’s huge steps on backwards compatibility). If for some reason you need everything to be connected to be one big hub in your living room, this is a great solution. Bear in mind, input lag will play a factor.

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