PS4: 10 Awesome Console Secrets EVERYONE Missed

Downloading a game remotely so it's ready when you get home? Done.


With the PlayStation 5 lurking around the fourth quarter of 2020, looking to offer both beefier hardware and the potential of backwards compatibility, let's take one last in-depth look at the PlayStation 4.

I mean, really, what better time is there to discuss some of the secrets that the PS4 held? The system has undergone countless updates and reworked features, so event the machine you bought back in 2013 has changed quite considerably.

In fact, some of these features make us wonder why they weren’t explained or shown in a tutorial to begin with. Do bear in mind, though, you’re not going to be able to make this thing cook you a full English breakfast. We’re looking to showcase neat little tips that will make your console life that much easier to manage.

By the end of the article you’ll be a PlayStation wizard with enough tricks up your sleeve to save literal minutes when traversing the PS4. On top of that, we’ll be showcasing how to utilise additional modes of input, such as the PS Vita, the magic of the home button and help for the dying breed that are trophy hunters.

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