10 Massively Underrated Video Games Based On Movies

There's more to Batman than Rocksteady.

Warner Bros/2000AD/Radical Entertainment

The whole 'games based on movies' gig isn't really up for debate; you can either recall some from your youth that were ruddy brilliant - Super Star Wars, Aladdin, Spider-Man 2 to name a few - or others that should have been ace, but ended up making you wish you hadn't bothered - Street Fighter 2: The Movie, Enter The Matrix and Jaws. In essence, these are all just adaptations and/or distilled versions of their silver screen counterparts, and should be celebrated on their individual merits, not necessarily if they evoked the same emotions as the movies they're based on.

It's easy to reminisce about the good'ns and it's oddly enjoyable to give the bad ones a shoeing, but what isn't mentioned enough is which games weren't appreciated when they came out. This could have been down to bigger titles ruling the roost at the time, or even that the movies they were based on weren't too great in the first place.

As such, let's celebrate those companion pieces that deserve another spin. By the time the credits roll on this one, you'll be kicking yourself for overlooking so many under-appreciated gems.


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