10 Massively Underrated Video Games Based On Movies

9. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

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The early Potter games are, rather meanly, being remembered for their slightly outdated graphics. While some of the smarter memes out there will make you mirth - the 'tag a mate who looks like PS1 Ron Weasley is a belter - it was the earlier games in the franchise that still stand out as being the best.

Top of the class is The Chamber Of Secrets, a fun and flighty multi-platform adventure set in and around Hogwarts. Overseeen by EA, the game mixes up linear story missions with classes, which are essentialy mini games that teach you how to get to grips with the many skills Potter and pals have at their disposal. The real fun, though, is to be had ambling around a faithfully rendered Hogwarts, which is where the real magic of this game lies.

Best played on the PlayStation 2 and, despite the memes, by no means an ugly Niffler to look at.

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