10 Masterpiece Video Games You DIDN'T Play

9. Psi-Ops: The Mindsgate Conspiracy

Deadly Premonition Agent Morgan
Midway Games

During the 2000s, shooters were a dime a dozen, meaning every game had to fight to make a lasting impression. Even though Midway's action-adventurer, Psi-Ops, looked pretty standard on the surface, it was a landmark in the genre due to its fluid gameplay, creative weapons, and ragdoll physics.

Even though The Force Unleashed was praised for its telekinetic mechanics, the psychic abilities in Psi-Ops are far smoother. (The fact Psi-Ops came out two years earlier makes this feat more impressive.) Because Psi-Ops was nominated for several AIA awards, including Best Story Development and Best Adventure Game of the Year, it seemed its legacy as a classic was pre-ordained.

Unfortunately, Psi-Ops had the misfortune of being released at the same time as Fables and GTA: San Andreas. Since those titles picked up every award that Psi-Ops was nominated for, this underrated treasure went home with nothing, helping it fade into memory.

Even though Psi-Ops was viewed as a potential franchise (and the game ended with a "To Be Continued" screen), the game looks like it vanished off everybody' radar. With Midway now defunct, there's not much much chance of Psi-Ops getting a sequel, remaster, or rerelease on any system.


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