10 Mediocre Video Games Saved By ONE Amazing Feature

9. UFC 2 - Realistic Knockouts

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UFC 2 offered more of the surface level thrills the first entry in EA's continuously disappointing MMA franchise gave players but got a huge boost when it reinvented the knockout system for the better with a full-blown physics system that took into account multiple factors.

Skin ripples, hair flutters, and bodies crumble to the ground in an insanely realistic way that makes sure every single one felt unique and satisfying. No other fighting game has come close to matching it.

Bodies will ragdoll, or even stiffen, and makes you forget about just how painfully average the remainder of the game is. The game's create-a-fighter is ludicrously bare-bones, the career mode is the minimum effort required to say the game has one and there is a severe shortage of moves to pull off and features older generation MMA games included.

No one cared though. When you were twenty-three minutes into a war and managed to clip an opponents chin just right and see them beautifully sink to the canvas the game had more than given you what you came for

It's such a shame the series scrapped it immediately in the next installment, as it's the only thing anyone ever liked or remembers about the game.

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