10 Mind-Blowing Gaming Features Everybody Takes For Granted

It's time to stop and admire what made the eighth console generation so great.

Sony & Rockstar

We’ve come a long way since the woodgrain-riddled, nearly neolithic age of the original Atari home console, and while it’s easy to lament the flaws of the modern day gaming industry, it’s important to recognize all of the positive changes that have been made in recent years.

Gaming is now more accessible than ever, and today’s consoles make the act of sitting down and playing a game much easier than it used to be. Some may yearn for the simplicity of the old 8-bit consoles or the roughly hewn polygonal approximations of the first PlayStation, but we’re so much better off now that a lot of those growing pains have been ironed out.

Sure, unstable launches and toxic microtransactions plague the medium today, but we’re far removed from the mass hardware failures that ruined the early Xbox 360 era, the obnoxiously long loading times which marred the PlayStation 1 (and it’s successor), or a lack of onboard memory common with every system prior to the seventh console generation.

With the dawn of a new age in gaming approaching, it may be time to stop and appreciate some of the advancements in tech which we take for granted.

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