10 Mind-Blowing Theories About Batman: Arkham Knight's Identity

There's only one Knight around here, and he's the Dark Knight!

We're still six agonizing months away from the release of arguably the most anticipated superhero video game of all time, Batman: Arkham Knight. The third and final chapter of Rocksteady's trilogy of amazing Batman games, this promises to be the best of all time. Debuting on next gen consoles, we already know we will have an expanded Gotham universe 5 times the size of Arkham City, a return of several of Batmans most famous foes, and the long awaited debut of the legendary Batmobile. However the most hype has gone into the games titular villain, the Arkham Knight. An original character designed exclusively for the game, fans have been speculating for months about the mysterious figures identity. So far we know that he (if the Arkham Knight is indeed a he) appears to be an upgraded, weaponized version of Batman with allegiances to the infamous Asylum that inspired the series. He also seems to have some kind of vendetta against Batman, but of course it would be easier to count all the people in Gotham who don't hold a grudge against the Caped Crusader. Rocksteady has obviously remained tight lipped about it, so fans have naturally cooked up their own theories on who could be hiding under that mask, theories which range from logical to bat***t crazy (no pun intended - unless it was funny). Here are ten of our favorites.

Honorary Mention - Someone Original

The Arkham Knight is already an original creation, so is it really that much of a stretch to consider that the person inside the suit is also an exclusive character that only exists in the game? Fans have been so determined to figure out who the Arkham Knight is that they've paged through comics, rewatched their favorite batman movies and cartoons and replayed all the previous games searching for clues on who could possibly fit the characters MO. What if the character turns out to be someone entirely unheard of? It would be disappointing for sure, as much of the hype behind the game, as if it needed any more, has revolved around the identity of the Arkham Knight and fans are hoping for some kind of epic reveal. It would be uncharacteristic of Rocksteady to disappoint their fans, but even so, we must at least recognize the possibility that this guy could be someone we've never heard of. Some have even speculated that there is no one under the mask and that the Arkham Knight is actually a robot. Not a terrible idea we suppose, but still anticlimactic. If all that sounds a little disheartening, please read ahead for ten potential Arkham Knights who most definitely exist!

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