10 Missable Video Game Characters That Cost You 100%

Gaps in your character selection screen are maddening.

marvel ultimate alliance 2 carnage

Missable content in video games is downright infuriating. We've all been there, checking up on a game to realise that there were storylines and useful items that, because you had no idea they were there, you breezed past and can never return to them.

Characters tend to be a harder thing to miss. After all, weapons and items can be a dime-a-dozen really but entire people? Developers tend to make it so you can't avoid making alliances with them or you can at least seek them out later.

There are exceptions, however...

This list contains potential friends that were accessible at only certain points or required enough set-up that it was very common to miss out on them. Furthermore, as more games add characters via downloadable content, post-game allies can become a thing of the past when that content becomes eventually delisted.

If anything, missable characters are far worse than anything else. We can do without this slightly different sword or amulet, but losing out on a character who might add to the story or experience? Perish the thought.

10. Zevran - Dragon Age Origins

marvel ultimate alliance 2 carnage

Dragon Age is all about player choice and the problem with choice is that you can’t have it all. Players of Dragon Age II will be acutely aware that it’s possible to lose every playable character except Varric along their journey and similar can be said for Origins. Not only will party members leave if you anger them too much with your decisions, they’ll also take the equipment you gave them with them. Hey, you didn’t pay for that!

Zevran gets a particular nod here because unlike previously welcomed squad mates, it’s very possible and all too easy to never even get him into your ranks in the first place.

The character first appears as an assassin who is hired to ambush and kill the player but, upon being defeated, he’s knocked unconscious. The game asks the player if they want to wake him for questioning but Zevran doesn’t have any valuable information anyway. The other option is to kill him whilst he’s unable to defend himself. And so, most players will get their revenge and forget about all of Zevran.

However, in doing so, they’ve accidentally killed a party member… without even knowing it.

It’s a frustrating realisation to find out you’ve missed out on Zevran’s carefree and snarky attitude by opting to kill a man who, at that point in the game, seemed like nothing more than a miniboss.


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