10 Missable Video Game Characters That Cost You 100%

9. Magus - Chrono Trigger

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Dialogue choices in video games can often be deceiving. Sometimes they exist for a purpose and your selections count for something but sometimes they subvert and loop around forever until the player picks the right option.

Following some major events in Chrono Trigger, the player’s time-travelling party of heroes encounter antagonist Magus and seem prime for a face-off. They’re then asked if they want to fight him or not.

Considering that Magus’ battle music is already playing, it very much gives the air of being either the illusion of choice or at the very least expects players to select the affirmative. And with that pumped-up jam behind the moment, players ready themselves for battle.

Except if they choose to face Magus, they lose the opportunity to have him join the party.

Instead, choosing to walk away inspires the former villain to join the group and combine forces to take down the game’s true big-bads. Magus’ addition to one’s crew has major storyline impacts as well as the scythe-wielding magician being amongst the most versatile characters in battle.

The Nintendo DS port included a bestiary for the game and Magus’ entry can only be gained if you kill him in battle meaning that, for this port, you’ll have to make both choices to fully 100% the title.


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