10 Missable Video Game Characters That Cost You 100%

8. DLC Characters - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

marvel ultimate alliance 2 carnage

When it comes to optional characters, the digital storefront is also a potential source of frustration. Forget missing unlockables, what about permanently missing DLC?

Activision had the rights to the Marvel catalogue of costumed capers for a long time, producing video games based on the X-Men films and a plethora of Spider-Man offerings. They also released the surprisingly fun Ultimate Alliance game series that featured a roster of heroes and villains from a top-down perspective.

Pick all of your favourite characters and kick some butt… unless Black Panther and Carnage are your favourites.

Now that Marvel is owned by the somewhat videogame-adverse Disney, the contracts for both Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 have become a bit troublesome it seems. Whilst the series had a third helping in 2019, the first two games in the series remain absent from Xbox Live and PlayStation stores.

At least you can still play the games if you have them already installed or own physical copies but things get sticky when it comes to the later released DLC. If you don’t already have the character pack (which includes classics like Magneto, Black Panther, Carnage, Psylocke, and Cable) then you’ve completely missed your chance.

Suddenly it doesn’t feel so much like an ultimate alliance when you know there are characters out there in the void, unable to be purchased ever again.


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