10 Missable Video Game Items That Cost You 100%

Permanently missable items should be considered illegal.

Fallout 3

Sometimes, despite a player's willingness to go all the way, some games make it beyond a chore to see that coveted 100%. It's frustrating to stare at the mocking "98%" and know how different it could all be if not just for one tiny insurmountable challenge.

We've previously covered quests that stopped players from fully completing all that a game has to offer but it's just as if not more likely that gamers will be stopped in their tracks by certain items.

In many cases, these are the most devastating thing to lose out on that beautiful 100% over.

The worst offenders of this category though are things you were meant to grab on your way to the finish line but, because you didn't happen to see them or figured you'd come back for them later, are gone forever.

How were you supposed to know that if you didn't grab this one item now then it was going to affect the rest of your save file? There is no feeling quite like getting to the end of a game and not realising that you messed up that 100% hours ago.

10. Research - BioShock 2

Fallout 3

Aside from its focus on storytelling, another great selling point of the BioShock games is the combat that marries firearms, melee and even something akin to spell-casting. By equipping tonics, players are able to max out their skills and fling fire, ice and lightning at the various nasties that come their way.

Aside from all the ways to dish out punishment, BioShock and BioShock 2 had the research camera which implored players to take a few photos of every new Splicer they came into contact with.

Maxing out research on enemies is important for three reasons. Firstly, it is quite simply tied to 100%. Secondly, researching enemies offers you bonuses against them. Finally, the final piece of research on many foes gives the player certain exclusive tonics.

However, if you don’t get to capturing wonderful memories of your time in Rapture with your insane buddies as soon as you’re able, it’s entirely possible to miss your chance. As you progress throughout BioShock 2, certain enemies no longer spawn and it’s impossible to get the research you need.

It seems like a simple thing but the camera and research element of the game is truly completely optional… unless, of course, you want to feel like you’ve fully accomplished the game, in which case you better get snap-happy.

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