10 Missable Video Game Items That Cost You 100%

8. MV Command - Just Cause 2

Fallout 3

Vehicles aren’t necessarily an item in the same way that accessories and armours are but they are certainly a tool to be used to achieve one’s goals in a video game; whether that’s travelling quickly across an open world, doing some sick stunt jumps or ramming down enemies to save yourself the ammunition.

It’s not an unheard of style of achievement or trophy to ask players to use every one of a certain kind of item and so Just Cause 2’s “Trying Everything Once”, which asks players to be behind the wheel of 104 different vehicles, isn’t overly a surprise. However, this rather ordinary trophy just so happens to be the least unlocked worldwide.

The reason for that? The MV Command.

This jeep-like four-seater off roader only appears unmanned in two missions. If you miss out on getting a go with one during the game’s fourth Agency task, you might get a second chance later during the mission Taking Care of the Dishes.

Otherwise, you’ll be doomed to go to a very specific part of the map, get some heat with the law and hold out hope that the armed forces bring an MV Command that you can hijack, providing you survive.

Thankfully, the game’s DLC added new vehicles which do contribute to that 104 needed, but at launch this was one achievement that most players gave up on.

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