10 Mistakes That Led To WWE 2K's Downfall

This series was on the ropes long before 2K20...

2K Games

WWE 2K21 has been cancelled and 2K Games will throw their all into a new spin-off that'll launch later this year.

2K Battlegrounds, as it's being called, will see over-the-top character models (which look like something from MTV's old Celebrity Deathmatch gem) cartoon-ishly compete in arcade matches that are a million miles away from the simulation feel of the core series. It's a bold move, albeit one necessitated by the fact that 2K has P*SSED EVERYONE OFF.

2K20 was just the tip of the iceberg. No, really - this franchise has been spinning out of control for years now, and it's been obvious for long-timers to see that the developers had lost touch with what fans wanted to see from their WWE video games. They've made loads of mistakes since the glory of 2013's 2K14 on Xbox 360 and and PS3.

Things have been going downhill since then, and it sucks. It especially sucks to be the one to deliver this message when 2K has helped craft so many memorable experience over the years with other licenses like NBA and amazing originals like Bioshock, Borderlands and more.

Here's where it all went wrong...

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