10 Misunderstood Video Game Consoles The World Should Have LOVED

Because there's more to gaming than simply owning a PS4 or Xbox.


In 2019, we are blessed with a world of options when it comes to playing our favourite games, as technology continues to raise the bar.

PC gamers will continue to say that nothing can compare to the experience you get with a mouse and keyboard, but there's no denying that both the PS4 and Xbox One have delivered some stunning titles.

As things stand, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo clearly hold the monopoly on the market, and it will take some effort to usurp them from their perch.

What can't be discounted in gaming though, is the fact that these consoles have taken influence and ideas from what came before - whether that be in terms of specifications or simply acquiring world-renowned game franchises.

Despite a plethora of consoles hitting shelves over the years, not all have taken off or garnered the mainstream attention that the current "big three" are managing to keep a grip on.

But that's not to say that there hasn't been under-appreciated moments of brilliance from other companies, and though they found smaller audiences at the time, WAY more people should've got invested.

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