10 Misunderstood Video Game Consoles The World Should Have LOVED

10. SEGA Dreamcast


1999 saw SEGA take the plunge once more into the console world as they released the SEGA Dreamcast.

Hoping to build on the success it had seen in previous years with the Master System and Mega Drive, SEGA knew full well things would be far more difficult this time, given the company's failure with the Saturn, and direct competition with the first two PlayStations.

SEGA went ahead though, and some standout titles such as Crazy Taxi, Virtua Striker and Soul Calibur ensured the system did have some quality games for people to get their hands on.

Crazy Taxi and Virtua Striker in particular were two titles people could only usually get their hands on in the arcade, so to have them in your own home gave the Dreamcast a good following.

Ultimately, the success of Sony at the time meant the Dreamcast never quite got the attention it deserved, despite delivering some superb titles and solid hardware.

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