10 Modern Video Game Tropes We're Totally Sick Of

An entire genre reduced to "Hide in the tall grass!"

Horizon zero dawn

Are the vast majority of video games outside the indie scene starting to feel the same? Even worse, do far too many play the same?

Because in the current climate, it's genuinely a challenge to think of any triple-A title or moderately-budgeted indie that has a unique feel.

The vast majority - from God of War to Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil 2 to Apex Legends - have control schemes and overall sensations that force you to focus on everything other than gameplay. For the most part that doesn't actively hurt the overall experience, but it does make you harken back to a time when gameplay diversity was the order of the day.

This medium is called "video games", after all.

Now don't get me wrong. The aforementioned titles and many I'll mention have tried n' tested formulas; proven to "work", casting the widest net and bringing in sizeable profits for the developers - not to mention solid critical scores.

But going forward, as this generation winds down... boy are we in need of some new gameplay mechanics and innovation for the future.

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Gaming Editor

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