10 Moments That Made You Quit Gaming For Good

Oh, just follow the damn train? Is THAT all?

Naughty Dog

There’s nothing quite like having your soul crushed by something you love, is there? We’re not talking people here - this is far deeper than that.

Games nest in a place that will always be close to our hearts, but like any love, they have the power to betray us, take all that time we invested and turn it into a weapon against us, like making us gaze in the mirror of self-contempt and ask: “Why do I even bother?”

Separations are common among gamers. Things can get too heated, and if you’re able to refrain from smashing your PC or console in a frenzy, it’s best to treat it like an oven on fire: Just turn off all the buttons and walk away.

But divorces are regular occurrences, too, and just as there are newcomers picking up video games every day, there are those who have to leave or face a potential stress-induced coma.

We break down some of those madness-inducing moments that made you want to quit gaming forever, from glitches to endless puzzles to that one boss who makes you want to jump into that digital world and tell their mother what an annoying creation they birthed.

Enter the stress-o-sphere.


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