10 Moments That Made You Quit Gaming For Good

10. Bearer Of Bad Fruit (Shadow Of The Colossus)


Trophies are an unnecessary distraction to some gamers, while other completionists can't suffer the thought of finishing a game with anything less than 100 percent. But even the most dedicated may struggle to keep the faith unlocking achievements in Shadow of the Colossus, namely 'Fruit of the Garden'.

The Poisoned Fruit is located in the Secret Garden, which can only be accessed with enough stamina, gained by eating hidden fruit throughout the game. The kicker is you need three play-throughs to find enough fruit and sufficiently boost your stamina. lists Shadow of the Colossus at around 20 hours of play time for those leaving no stone unturned. Cut that in half for a player who knows what they're doing, and it means you're still looking at 30 hours to get that necessary stamina boost.

"Man," I hear you say. "The reward for such a gruelling task must sure be sweet!"

The Poison Fruit is the single worst thing you will ever taste. Eating it reduces the consumer's health below its starting point. And that't it. Less health. You become less of a person. It's enough to make one question whether they can trust a game again.

Adam was warned not to touch the fruit.


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