10 Monumental Video Game Plot Twists Nobody Saw Coming

That damn Lance Vance...


Everyone loves a good plot twist. A loyal companion that’s stuck with you throughout the entire adventure suddenly turns on you, stabbing you in the back and hitting you straight in the feelings. You journey across a forbidden and hostile land, fighting demons, ghosts and goblins, only to be awoken from a dream, waking up in 1960’s London as a bus driver that's having an existential crisis, and your dreams are actually your subconscious yearning for a more fulfilling life...

Just me?

Maybe that last one is a bit much, but a well-constructed narrative shift can turn a good story into a great one (or a great story into a terrible one depending on if you liked it or not).

Star Wars had you find out Vader was Luke’s dad, Sixth Sense had you thinking Bruce Willis was alive, and The Happening showed you that vegans had the right idea, and were trying to save us from being attacked by plants. Film has offered plenty of shocks over the years, and while gaming is a considerably younger art form, it too has had its fair share of twists.



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