10 Monumental Video Game Plot Twists Nobody Saw Coming

10. Reznov's Mind Tricks - Call Of Duty: Black Ops


Convoluted though it may be, Black Ops had one of the most hoodwinked moments in the series history by having Mason imagine the presence of Reznov throughout the game, his head having been messed with in order to eliminate Reznov’s enemies.

After meeting World at War hero Victor Reznov in a Russian Gulag, Mason escapes from the prison but is separated from his Russian revolutionary. Later in the campaign, Mason goes to meet with a Russian defector who turns out to be none other than old ‘V-Rez’ himself.

He then joins Reznov’s crusade for revenge against the men who betrayed him, before being captured and interrogated by the CIA. There he discovers that Reznov in fact did not survive the breakout, he’d been brainwashed to be a sleeper agent and then been “reprogrammed” by Reznov to do his dirty work. In the process, he’d developed a dissociative disorder, causing him to hallucinate Reznov’s existence.

This was a bold move from a series like Call of Duty, a franchise that while very commercially successful, never had an enthralling or engaging story beyond “go here, shoot everyone”.


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