10 Monumental Video Game Plot Twists Nobody Saw Coming

8. There Is One More... - Pokemon Red & Blue


Imagine you’ve just beaten the Elite Four at Indigo Plateau. Half of your party is unconscious, your Charizard has been battered and you’ve got one max potion left. Your jubilation of defeating the dragon master Lance is immediately halted by discovering that your rival has beaten you to the punch and you now need to defeat him.


Your rival showing up just when you thought you’d conquered (at the time) one of the toughest gauntlets in gaming was a real sucker punch, at a point where you were incredibly vulnerable. Even with a well-balanced squad of Pokémon, the Elite Four (Lance especially) were a very tough series of opponents.

This was probably one of the first gaming moments that made people go “Wait.....WHAT!?!” as you don’t get a breather to heal your squad or save the game, you strike down Lance’s Dragonite and dive headfirst into the battle against your rival.

A cruel and slightly sadistic moment the first time you experienced it, the added joy of beating your arch-rival made the pride of getting into the Pokemon Hall of Fame that much greater.


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