10 Monumental Video Game Plot Twists Nobody Saw Coming

9. Don't Dance With Lance - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Although his behaviour does become increasingly odd towards the end of the game, the turncoat Lance’s betrayal during the final mission was still a moment that caused as much resentment as it did surprise.

Lance’s mental state goes through quite the emotional ringer throughout the story, starting out as a fairly cool customer looking to link up with Tommy to take out Ricardo Diaz.

As the game progresses, Lance’s unstable nature and erratic outbursts slowly begin to reveal themselves, getting captured after trying to ambush Diaz by himself and exploding at Tommy over the phone after he is berated by him for failing to handle a situation involving protection money.

In a final act of deceit, when Tommy comes face to face with Sonny Forelli, Lance switches sides to align with the Liberty City mobster, something which he pays the ultimate price for.

As much as Lance got what he deserved, his backstabbing came with some pangs of heartache, as Tommy had no plans to double cross him, his betrayal the result of his own insecurities and lack of trust for those around him.


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