10 MORE Cruel Tricks Video Games Played On RPG Players

8. The Zodiac Spear Is Unobtainable If You Open Certain Chests - Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy 9 Beatrix
Square Enix

In the original release of Final Fantasy XII, the game's strongest weapon was the Zodiac Spear, but acquiring it was so much of a piss-take that most players surely didn't deem it worth the hassle.

To get the spear, you needed to not open four specific chests throughout the game, after which it could be found among a collection of 16 chests at the Necrohol of Nabudis.

It goes without saying that this is impossible to pull off without either blind luck or a strategy guide, enough that many fans maintain to this very day that Square Enix did it to try and sell more strategy guides.

Players who'd already poured countless hours into the game and were locked out of obtaining the Zodiac Spear due to opening one of the chests were (naturally) incredibly upset about it all, such that for the Zodiac Age re-release, Square Enix made it much easier to pick up.

However, because the developers evidently wanted to spite fans a little while doing so, the Zodiac Spear received a nerf in the re-release and was no longer the game's strongest weapon.


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